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March 16, 2020

Like organizations across the country, Hopeworks is working to respond responsibly to the Coronavirus outbreak.

I wanted to send this note to each of you to answer some common questions about how we are responding.

What is Hopeworks doing?
Beginning on March 18th, alongside the Camden City School District, Hopeworks is closing our operations in Camden to help our staff and youth maintain appropriate social distancing.

What about Hopeworks youth?
We know that the economic and social challenges facing our youth do not end with the beginning of this outbreak. In fact, they may get even worse. Thus, Hopeworks is taking several steps to help our youth during this time. This includes:

  • Work from home: Hopeworks is providing laptops and assisting our youth in obtaining internet access so they can continue to work from home on client projects and training. This way, they will be able to continue to earn money and support themselves during this difficult time.
  • Ongoing coaching and support: Hopeworks is maintaining our coaching and academic support meetings virtually, to make sure our youth can continue to get the support they need
  • In-person resources: Hopeworks is also maintaining a skeleton staff at our office — maintaining appropriate social distance — to provide youth with food support, tech support, and connect to other community resources.

What about client projects?
For our clients, I am proud to share that we anticipate being able to continue our work on your projects with a minimum of disruption. As a tech-focused organization, Hopeworks is perhaps better prepared than most for this period of social distancing.

Please reach out to your project contact as usual; you will find them responsive and ready to move your project forward.

How can I help?
Like many organizations, Hopeworks is working to make sure that we do not cut the hours or pay for our young people since that income is particularly critical at this time. Please know that we need your support more than ever! If you would like to donate, please click here.

If you have a website or GIS project that you need to be completed, this is a great time for us to help you get it done!

When will Hopeworks return to the office?
Hopeworks is following the guidance of the Camden School District. We will reopen when they reopen.

Please reach out with any questions!


Dan Rhoton
Executive Director
[email protected]

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